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About Pointerra

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Pointerra is an Australian company focussed on the commercialisation of its unique 3D geospatial data technology.

Pointerra’s technology has solved an entrenched problem in the digital asset management sector and allows very large 3D datasets to be used without the need for high performance computing. 3D data is processed and stored in the cloud for instant, on demand user access: anytime, anywhere, on any device – providing actionable 3D information to power digital asset management solutions.

Common Q&A’s about Pointerra:

  1. What do we do? We manage, analyze and monetize other people’s 3D data for them.
  2. How do we make money? People pay us to manage their data, to develop or source analytics to make sense of their data and they share revenue with us when we help them to monetize their data.
  3. Why do people need us? 3D data is hard to manage, use, analyze and share. We have proprietary (patent protected) IP that lets us do what we do better than anyone else.
  4. Do we have competitors? There are lots of desktop solutions for 3D data and fewer cloud solutions. Most cloud solutions focus on visualization but aren’t readily analyzed – either quickly and efficiently or at mass scale. Our IP allows us to do this better than anyone else.
  5. Who are our customers? Anyone who is engaged in capturing (surveyors, drone operators, aerial and satellite mapping) or using (AEC sector, asset owners/operators/insurers/regulators) 3D data to plan, design, construct/build, operate, maintain, insure and govern/regulate a physical asset.
  6. What sectors do our customers operate in? Linear infrastructure (road/rail/pipeline/transmission/distribution), non-process infrastructure (civil and built- form) and process infrastructure (mining/oil&gas plant).
  7. How much do people pay us? Our Data as a Service (DaaS) solution to manage 3D data using our digital asset management platform is priced based on the amount of data (in terabytes) we are hosting. Our customers are currently paying us between US$200 to US$15,000 pcm for this service. We also charge customers to build/deploy analytics against their data and where we connect buyers and sellers of 3D data, we typically agree a revenue share via our 3D data marketplace.

Pointerra’s vision is to create a global marketplace for 3D data, saving users time and money and creating a 3D data access revolution.

Pointerra —> 3D Data Solved.