Defense & Intelligence

Situational Awareness
Convoy Route Planning
Line of Site Modeling
Maritime Vessel Inspection
Bathymetric / Seafloor Data
Extraction Point Decision Making
Infrastructure & Civil Engineering Design

The Problem

The Defense and Intelligence sectors are continuously seeking out the best new technology to assist the modern-day warfighter and the engineering management of bases, hardware and weaponry. The need for the most accurate real time data is an ever-present requirement and a critical point where advantages can be gained. To visualize, analyze and fully understand massive amounts of sensitive data with a high degree of accuracy, a true digital twin or virtual network must be created and easily yet securely shared within departments. Due to the massive size and confidential nature of 3D datasets in these sectors, the technology utilized must be robust in scale, security and speed.

The Solution

Pointerra3D’s patented, tried and tested technology combined with the Company’s team of United States and Australian Military veterans deliver a service offering with a deep understanding of the needs of the segments and systems within these sectors. Pointerra3D can provide the disparate elements with the different types of information to respond to critical events being confronted on a real-time basis. Our secure cloud-based platform can not only provide for the processing and classification of a state-wide LiDAR collection effort at scale from multiple sources, but our automated analytics can be employed to extract out the information and insights needed and serve it to the many different stakeholders involved in decision making.

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers to extract the insights needed and share with the different stakeholders involved in defense and Intelligence decision making.

Real-time visualization to improve situational awareness

“I see Pointerra as a force multiplier for the modern warfighter. The ability to execute rapid operational assessments based on highly accurate 3D data and analytics has greatly improved organizational responsiveness to critical points of need.”

United States Army LTC Nicholas Roukas, Battalion Commander 1-151 IN, 76th BDE

3D data city visualization

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