Mining, Oil & Gas

Manage ESG reporting with quantified analytics
Automate analytics and KPI reporting
Create functional Digital Twins
Assess Volumes and monitor earthwork
Enable collaborative engineering and design
Optimize extraction and site production

The Problem

Oil & Gas and Mining operations are complex assets to manage. Environmental responsibility and sustainability, workforce and community safety and wellbeing, and regulatory compliance are key challenges that every resource company must manage. There is a massive amount of data being collected from a wide range of sources for each operation. This data is often siloed and used for a single application and not democratized or available to other business units internally or to trusted external suppliers. With the majority of assets located in remote locations and increasingly being managed by offsite personnel, it's critical to have a real-time, integrated view of data to support faster, more informed decision-making to improve production efficiency and safety.

The Solution

The key to overcoming these problems creating a Digital Twin in a Common Data Environment where data can be visualised, analysed and shared across an operation in real-time. The Digital Twin becomes the single source of truth, providing a virtual replica of the site that is connected to other critical business systems to encourage collaboration and support compliance, operational efficiency and productivity gains through advanced analytics.

Compelling Value

  • Ability to leverage the global manufacturer market
  • Reduce flights to offshore/remote facilities
  • Class survey requirements can be validated via desktop
  • Contractors have situational awareness and can remove the contingency
  • Virtual assembly of proposed modifications can be shared with wider teams

"With Pointerra when you have a piece of equipment in the Gulf of Mexico fail, a manufacturer in Europe can step into the digital twin to confirm the replacement needed. If the replacement equipment needs new connection spools, the spools can be designed in whichever time zone suits for the fastest turnaround, with fabrication drawings then sent to a Local fabricator and the spool delivered to site. From unplanned shutdown to a Global team effort to get production levels restored to meet downstream demand”

Want to mitigate risk to your global operations?

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers to improve overall asset management, safety, environmental compliance, and governance.

3D visualization of mine pit

Pointerra3D’s patented cloud technology enables you to efficiently manage your 3D data to improve operational productivity and ESG outcomes while mitigating risks and costs throughout your operation.

3D data city visualization

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