Survey & Mapping

Speed up data delivery cycles
Empower customer data utilization
Unburden local computing resources
Complete 2D & 3D spatial solution
Simple to Use for all stakeholders
Spatial Data format agnostic

The Problem

3D data is inherently large, complex to manage, and many customers often don’t have the necessary skills or software to realise the full value of the high-quality data they’ve purchased. Most hardware systems produce proprietary file formats that only allow users to operate in siloed ecosystems, robbing the user of workflow efficiency gains that would otherwise be provided in an open data environment. Manual shipping of hard drives is an insecure and time-wasting way of providing data to your customers.

The Solution

Pointerra3D provides a fast and easy way to visualize, control, analyse, quality assess, share and manage the highly valuable data companies are generating. Pointerra3D’s efficient approach to accessing 3D data, includes the ability to collate multiple datasets, white label and integrate seamlessly with other applications, whilst saving you and your clients time and money.
Pointerra3D offers a proper single source of truth, providing value with an easy-to-use interface, collaborative space, analytics at scale and tools that can’t be achieved through any other platform.

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers to compress and automate complex workflows to bring a new level of speed and efficiency to digital asset management.

Pointerra3D lets you significantly improve workflow time management and shift the focus from manual internal 3D desktop tasks to external high-value client service and new business development.

3D data city visualization

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