Create functional Digital Twins
Leverage IoT Sensors for Smart City Integration
Assess Asset Condition and Monitor Change
Improve Safety & Transportation Efficiency
Underpin Digital Engineering and Design
Integrate Critical Business Systems

The Problem

Transport Authorities are responsible for the safety and efficiency of the networks they manage. These environments are dynamic and in a constant state of change so managing all of the data in real time is challenging. The organisations managing these systems need to ensure the safety of commuters, passengers and pedestrians whilst providing an effective road or rail network that allows the movement of people and freight as efficiently and safely as possible.

The Solution

The production of an accurate and maintainable Digital Twin is fundamental to solving the challenges faced by Transport Authorities around the globe. Pointerra3D provides the Common Data Environment in which to store, analyse and visualise all data relating to the asset. Automated routines build asset databases, assess conditions and monitor changes to maintain the spatial fabric of the Digital Twin.

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers to solve the challenges faced by Transport Authorities around the globe.

Visualization of 2D and 3D data

Pointerra3D’s API integration with critical business systems provides a 360-degree view, allowing for proactive issue identification to support preventative maintenance programs and early stage issue identification.

3D data city visualization

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