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Screenshot Morro Bay

View large-scale LiDAR datasets in full 3D

Diablo Canyon Power Plant, California

3D data in the cloud

  • icon-measureCapture, store and visualise the world down to millimetre accuracy.
  • icon-tabletUse our real-time, dynamic web viewing tools for simple access to your data from any device in any location.
  • icon-lockPrivacy is built in. You retain control over your data, with the ability to make it public, or to monetise it through our secure transaction system.

Data processing

  • icon-cloudUpload raw data directly to our secure cloud servers, or process it on premise and upload a highly compressed stream of data.
  • icon-dbShip us the data directly on a portable hard drive to skip the uploading step entirely for big projects.
  • icon-laptopTailored hosting for enterprise customers, enabling data storage facilities to be located on to an internal network for even faster access to the compressed point cloud data.

Leverage existing geospatial data to provide context


  • icon-white-worldQuickly and easily share point cloud data, whether it’s with your own employees and contractors, or with an external client who needs to see the latest iteration of design work.
  • icon-white-computerGone are the days when you needed a spatial data expert to help you see your data! Just open a browser and visualise curated datasets through an intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • icon-white-peopleSimple but powerful management of users and teams will give you full control over who can access your data.