Pointerra3D CORE is the baseline platform access and 3D data workflow offering.


Pointerra3D CORE provides a Common Data Environment where organisations can visualise different data types in a unified way and then store, manage and share them in a highly efficient and flexible way.

Pointerra3D CORE is a collaborative user management tool that grants accessibility across the enterprise, ensuring all business units can discover and exploit 3D data information. The open API framework ensures you can integrate the core platform with other enterprise software to deliver a wholistic solution.

Pointerra3D data visualization

Pointerra3D CORE features include:

  • Importing Data:
    • Support for various file formats and sources (e.g. LAS/LAZ, PTS, E57, Geotiff, XYZ, PLY, SHP, DXF, KML, Geojson, ESRI GDB, OBJ, IFC, FBX, Cesium 3D Tiles, ECW, JPGs)
    • Unlimited file size and number processing
    • Georeferencing and metadata support
    • Spherical imagery generation (RGB and/or Intensity)
  • Data Management:
    • Secure storage for various data types (point cloud, orthophoto imagery, oblique imagery, individual frame imagery, spherical (360) images, 3D models, vector data, DEMs, and documents)
    • Metadata management (including bounding information)
    • Search, filtering, and map view options
    • Archive, restore and delete capabilities
    • Project folder organization and permission management
  • Visualization:
    • Cross-browser and mobile support (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari)
    • High-performance 3D viewing for massive point clouds (>500 billion points)
    • Unified viewing environment for multiple data types (point clouds, imagery, vectors, CAD)
    • Customizable display options and controls (e.g. color points by RGB, Intensity, Classification, Height)
    • ScanView image viewer and 3D mouse/Xbox controller support
  • Advanced Visualization:
    • 360° imagery split-screen viewing and synchronization with point clouds
    • Overlay capabilities for vector, digital twin layers, and POIs in 360° imagery
    • Drawing directly in 360° imagery viewer
    • User-created terrain replacement (replacing default HERE terrain)
  • Viewing Tools:
    • Rotation, zoom, and cropping options
    • Measurement, volumetrics, and point of interest tools
    • Annotation and layer management
    • Fly-through video creation and bookmarking
  • Sharing:
    • Configurable share tokens for point cloud access (with download/export/expiry date and passwords)
    • Folder sharing for multiple datasets
    • Intercompany sharing and share token management
  • Extraction:
    • Download options for various file formats (e.g. LAS, LAZ, E57, Recap, PTS, Geotiff, ESRI ASCII, XYZ, Hillshade Geotiff, ESRI Shapefile, DXF)
    • Clipping area selection and export
    • DEM and contour exports
    • Point cloud re-importation and company data download terms
  • Account Management:
    • User administration and permission management (upload-only or view-only user accounts)
    • Custom site branding and usage metrics dashboard (per user and per-dataset metrics)
    • Sharing token tracking and intercompany sharing
  • Support:
    • Access to the Help site ( and support widget
    • Release notes and updates
    • Publicly available material via the Pointerra YouTube channel

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3D data city visualization

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