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Pointerra Defense Solutions

3D Data Solved for the Modern Warfighter

Our team consists of United States and Australian Military Veterans and understand the value of having instant access to 3D data as a Force Multiplier. Whether supporting ground-based troops, maritime operations, or airborne operations; Pointerra has the solution and capabilities necessary.



“I see Pointerra as a force-multiplier for the modern warfighter. The ability to execute rapid operational assessments based on highly accurate 3D data and analytics has greatly improved organizational responsiveness to critical points of need.”
– United States Army LTC Nicholas Roukas, Battalion Commander 1-151 IN, 76th BDE

Ground Based Troops
Situational Awareness
Convoy Route Planning
Line of Site Modeling
Measurements and Analytics
All on the Move
Maritime Operations
Vessel External Inspection
Vessel Internal Inspection
Bathymetric/Seafloor Data
Annotations and Measurements
Low Latency Connection
Airborne Operations
Landing Area Identification
Instant Landing Obstruction Identification
Extract Point Decision Making
Analytics Showing Vegetation and Powerlines as Examples
3D Data Communication Direct from Ground Troops