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Pointerra democratises 3D data throughout the Enterprise to provide for exceptionally higher efficiency in Design, Construction, Maintenance and Operation.

Benefits to adopting Pointerra solutions across your enterprise include:

  • Exponential Value created through Automated Analytics
  • Provides Conduit between Design, Mapping and Image Spaces
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Reliability
  • Better Communication
  • Better Business Outcomes

Challenges solved across the organisation include:

  • Viewing – Massive 3D datasets can’t be easily viewed
  • Storing – Unmanageable files often isolated on local hard drives
  • Analyse – Advanced analytics for feature extraction, vegetation management and network maintenance feeds multiple Enterprise Applications
  • Integrate – Open API Environment for Seamless Integration into existing Enterprise Environment for Dynamic Assembly/Delivery
  • Search – It’s hard to find it if you can’t see it!
  • Cost – High investment in IT, GIS and people just to provide access
  • Delay – Time and cost gap between acquisition and use
  • Usefulness – Efficacy of derivative (dumbed-down) 3D point cloud products
  • Efficiency – Unnecessary repeat scans when data not readily accessible
  • Strategy – Difficult to be strategic about data acquisition