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Create a digital twin to enable intelligent analysis of your physical assets.

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Deliver the predictive insights that enable definitive answers to physical asset management questions.

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Used by small businesses to enterprises globally.

Pointerra3D has three components, each with a different suite of features and capabilities. Depending on the specific requirements of your company, we can offer the full stack of Core, Analytics and Answers or just the Core and Analytics bundle.

Pointerra3D delivers efficiencies, cost savings, ESG improvements & risk mitigation

Pointerra's patented cloud-deployed technology and Al-driven algorithms bring a new standard of speed, smarts, scale and on-demand access to the long-standing problem of rapidly converting massive 3D point clouds and datasets into analytics and insights that provide definitive answers using digital twins to manage the physical world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the data allowance include upload and download?

No, it’s based on data stored in APP

How is a user in Pointerrra defined

A user in Pointerra is someone that will be uploading or managing data and undertaking administrative tasks. Pointerra3D accounts come with unlimited, free guest user accounts available via share tokens

How Secure is Pointerra3D?

All information stored on Pointerra is protected…. Maybe point to a deep-dive fact sheet on this

How do Pointerra3D’s APIs work

Pointerra has an open API framework and is available to enterprise subscriptions

Is SSO or TFA available for Pointerra users?

Yes, TFA can be enabled on any user account. SSO is available on enterprise subscriptions

What support does Pointerra offer to its users?

There are three ways to lodge support – direct e-mail to Support@, online self-help or you can collaborate and raise requests directly through the Pointerra3D UI

What happens to my data when I upload data to Pointerra3D

Your data is your data, and once uploaded never gets touched. You can retrieve it off the app at any time

Can I embed my projects into a webpage or application that handles iframes

Yes, this ability is available for enterprise users

What file types can Pointerra handle?

Most, if not, all standard file formats can be uploaded into Pointerra3D

I have two different types of scanners/photogrammetric systems, will this be an issue in Pointerra3D

No, Pointerra3D is entirely vendor/system agnostic

What happens to my data if I decide to cancel my subscription

Obviously, we’ll be sad to see you go. But your data is your data. Please liaise with your Pointerra Account Manager to work out the most efficient way to retrieve your data.

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