About Pointerra3D

Pointerra's patented cloud-based platform, Pointerra3D, is a true end to end solution that stores, processes, manages, analyzes, extracts, visualizes and shares the key insights from massive 3D data at a new level of speed, smarts and scale.

Answers from 3D data

Pointerra3D uses AI-driven algorithms and scalable cloud processing to rapidly convert massive 3D datasets into analytics and insights that provide definitive answers to physical asset management questions.

Pointerra3D’s speed, smarts, scale and on-demand accessibility in the platform’s cloud-based common data environment delivers safety improvements, efficiencies, cost savings, and risk mitigation that have never been seen in this sector.

Pointerra3D’s transformation of the 3D data equation means that enterprise customers can now access definitive insights much earlier.

Pointerra3D enables large organizations to become proactive rather than reactive in their management of infrastructure assets which reduces OPEX and optimizes CAPEX.

At Pointerra, our team of experts has been building enterprise software for a long time - over twenty years - and we've seen it all. No problem is too big or too small. And nothing makes us happier than solving them. Our commitment to ongoing innovation, R&D and customer satisfaction means we will continue to deliver improvements in our solution.

3D data city visualization

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If you want one of our experts to help you bring a new standard of speed, smarts, scale and on-demand access to your 3D data, schedule a demo.

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