Critical Infrastructure Management
Vegetation Management
Major Incident Response
Network Wide Risk Metrics

The Problem

A well informed, proactive and outcome focused asset management program is essential to ensuring the resilience of any utility network. Often the data required to underpin data driven management decisions is held within a single business unit and is unavailable to the broader organisation. The ability to unlock and draw value from these latent data assets at scale to gain a complete picture of network condition and risk is a long held challenge for utility operators the world over.

The Solution

The key to improving network resiliency is to effectively identify the associated risks across the pole, circuit and network service territory. Characterizing, visualizing, analyzing and sharing system wide asset detail in real time through digital twin virtual models is the only efficient way to manage a network. Pointerra3D provides a complete solution for the processing, analysis, visualization and sharing of data assets. It is the only platform in the world that delivers Utility business solutions with speed and scale in a pure cloud environment.

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers combined with your customer derived outage and risk metrics to monitor and manage the state of your network successfully.

Inspect and analyze 3D virtualized assets in real-time across your organization with Pointerra3D to answer your asset and vegetation management questions.

3D data city visualization

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