Utilize 2D and 3D data simultaneously
Gain jobsite awareness and manage remotely
Create functional Digital Twins
Explore 2D and 3D centric visualizations
Export 2D floor plans, 3D BIM models and PDF building reports
Minimize downtime by maximizing asset management

The Problem

Valuable Project based 3D spatial data and digital twin data is hard to access as it is often siloed in multiple inaccessible locations making sharing both internally and externally a challenge. As a consequence, project managers, key stakeholders, service partners and suppliers lack the data to be able to report on the progress of the construction activities. Key 3D data including reality capture data, videos, photogrammetry, CAD or BIM type data is consistently large in size making it very difficult to analyse directly within a single, siloed desktop environment.

The Solution

Pointerra3D enables users to access, collaborate, analyze, and consume multiple data types via its patented centralised data environment. When you connect Pointerra3D’s API integrations to other applications, you start to realise the true power and potential to create a truly integrated Digital Twin for real-time asset and IOT analysis. You can redesign and streamline BIM workflows in a digital environment to maximize efficiency and productivity on the decision points that are critical to business success.

Use the full stack of Pointerra3D Core, Analytics and Answers to access, collaborate, analyze, share, and utilize multiple 2D and 3D data types.

Digital twin of a bridge

Pointerra3D provides real time access to valuable data for your team and external stakeholders so you can collaboratively track progress, monitor design versus build realities, avoid project delays, mitigate risks as they arise and keep costs in check.

3D data city visualization

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