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Streamline your data management, delivery and visualisation workflows.

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Create a digital twin to enable intelligent analysis of your physical assets.

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Deliver the predictive insights that enable definitive answers to physical asset management questions.

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Used by small businesses to enterprises globally.

Pointerra3D provides a flexible and adaptable solution that can quickly grow alongside your business. Begin by utilizing CORE to construct a command data environment that securely stores, manages, visualizes, and examines your data. As your business needs evolve, you can seamlessly upgrade to ANALYTICS to build and analyze digital twins, or to ANSWERS for unparalleled insights into your assets' condition and associated risks.

Pointerra3D delivers efficiencies, cost savings, ESG improvements & risk mitigation

Pointerra's patented cloud-deployed technology and Al-driven algorithms bring a new standard of speed, smarts, scale and on-demand access to the long-standing problem of rapidly converting massive 3D point clouds and datasets into analytics and insights that provide definitive answers using digital twins to manage the physical world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does upload and download contribute to my data allowance?

No, it’s based on data stored in the platform

How is a user in Pointerrra defined?

A user in Pointerra is someone that is a regular user of the platform, is uploading and managing data or undertaking administrative tasks. Pointerra3D accounts come with unlimited share tokens that allow casual users to access the platform without having an account.

How Secure is Pointerra3D?

Pointerra3D is fully architected on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure affording you all the confidence and peace of mind that comes with the worlds leading cloud service provider cyber security protocols.

Is Single Sign On and Two Factor Authentication (2FA) available for Pointerra users?

Yes, 2FA is an opt-in feature for all Pointerra3D subscribers. SSO is a configurable option available to enterprise-level subscriptions.

What support does Pointerra offer to its users?

1. Online at the Pointerra3D Support Centre
2. Support requests can be lodged directly through the support button in the portal: or
3. Direct e-mail to

What happens to my data when I upload data to Pointerra3D?

Your data is your data, and you have complete control of it (including full deletion) once it is uploaded to the platform. All Pointerra3D accounts have archiving capability so can manage your data environment by archiving older projects that require less frequent access.

What file types can Pointerra handle?

Pointerra3D supports a wide variety of data types and formats. One of the key benefits of CORE is the ability to see, share and interact with all your data in a common data environment. A list of currently supported formats can be found in our help centre (Supported Data Types).

What happens to my data if I decide to cancel my subscription?

Obviously, we’ll be sad to see you go. Please liaise with your Pointerra Account Manager to work out the most efficient way to retrieve your data.

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